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Beta3 Solutions have been established for just over 3 years providing integration solutions to the retail and warehouse industries. We work closely with a number of different retail and warehouse companies that are looking to improve there business processes by using labels and bar codes more effectively.

Refine your Barcode and Label processes with Beta3…

Have you spent money on developing your own software system that helps you to manage your business processes? Do some of your systems include the need to use labels whether thermal labels or direct thermal labels? There is nothing more frustrating for businesses to spend time and money creating plans for improving there business services using label only to be stopped because there current software does not have the ability to say print to a label or scan a bar code.

This is where Beta3 can really help, we have an extensive knowledge on creating the ability to help you integrate your system. Though we are open to the option of integrating your systems with a wide range of label printers we do specifically recommend the Zebra GK420d.

Why do we recommend you use the Zebra GK420d?

The Zebra GK420d is a great printer that has a range of upgrades making it a great option to work with a wide range of software. This opens up more possibilities when you are looking to integrate the printer into your business processes. We have found that in some circumstances it has been possible to achieve more stable integrations by using the GK420d compared to some other models of printer. This is due to the extensive development that Zebra have done in regards to the Zebra GK420d drivers.

We have built up a vast knowledge of the GK420d but we have also partnered with a leading supplier of label barcode printers, Label Scan. Label Scan offer the printer for a great price. However, it is not only the price that has led to us forming a strong business relationship with them. It is the after sales support that allows us to always find a way to integrate the printer effectively. They offer both telephone and on site support which is really useful specially when it comes to the testing stage of the process.